RTÉ Choice Music Prize “Conversations”

CONVERSATIONS is a carefully curated selection of topical music industry discussion panels which take place anually on the same day as the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Live Event. Conversations brings together artists and music industry professionals to discuss and explore some of the key issues affecting both performers and the wider industry at the present time. Here’s a look back at our 2024 Conversations…

Breaking Through in ’24

What is the best way to amplify your music and your brand in a meaningful way right now?

It’s a constantly changing and evolving landscape and there are a multitude of ways of making it to the top. But what is the best way to amplify your music and your brand in a meaningful way right now? This is your guide to the key boxes you have to tick in 2024 if you want to get noticed.

Nels Hylton (BBC Radio 1)
Matt Manner (Runway Artists)
Sheena Madden (Amplify Agency)
Paddy McLean (Co-General Manager Chaos Label / Polydor)

The Long Arm of the Law

Are Music Lawyers the most important connectors in the Music Industry

With A&R becoming less focused on songs and personalities and more data-driven is a Music Lawyer now the most valuable piece in a rising artist’s jigsaw puzzle? One of the best routes for creating interest from key sections of the industry, they can also help secure a manager and an agent as well as introduce labels, publishers and DSPs…Are you already lost without one?

Ally Horn (Partner Russell’s London)
Will Headlam Wells (Statham Gill Davies London)
Willie Ryan (Solicitor / Barrister)

The Future of Music

A diverse group of music industry trailblazers from across Europe will delve into the dynamic realm of AI’s real-time influence on the music business.

Explore the transformative role of AI in day-to-day operations for music professionals, including tech, marketing, publishing, and independent labels. This engaging discussion goes beyond the legal aspects, focusing on how AI is reshaping the landscape and redefining the everyday workflows for industry experts and the artists they champion. Gain insights into the cutting-edge strategies and innovations that are propelling the music industry into an AI-driven future.

Hosted by Gill Dooley (CEO AIM Ireland)
Jaime Castañosa (Head of Marketing & Operations at Melboss)
Petra Kauraisa (Communications Executive & Consultant)
Ines Pagano (AMAEI – Portuguese Indie Trade association)