2021 Album List

This is a comprehensive list of all eligible Irish albums released as of 31 October 2021. We accept that that there may well be omissions so please click here to let us know of any albums we have missed so that we can make the list as accurate and comprehensive as possible. The list will be updated again later in the year.

(Albums listed in alphabetical order by act)

A Talk In The Dark – Look To The Clouds
Acoustic Dan – Smick Folk
All The Luck In The World – How The Ash Felt
Alpha Chrome Yayo – Page Me
The Altered Hours – Convertible
Anna’s Anchor – A Glorious Ruction
Roy Arbuckle – Random Acts of Senseless Kindness
Robert John Ardiff – The Corridors of Love
Arrivalists – Last Of The Written Pages
Arvo Party – Corpus 1
Arvo Party – Corpus 2
Arvo Party – Devotions IV
Ian Ashford & The Solidarity Band – Inheritance
Automatic Blue – LOOK COOL DEAD
Autumn Owls – Three Winters In The Capital
Autums – Dyslexia Sound System
Auxiliary Phoenix – Petrichor

Backinhumanform – Backinhumanform
David Ballantine Solaris – A Sonic Encounter
Ian Barry – 26 Times Better
Jack Bashful- Only Fools Die
Basciville Hymns to the Air
Ron Benson & Tony Hedges – The Unique Collaborative Efforts of Ron Benson & Tony Hedges
Bicep – Isles
Bicurious – (re)constructed
BJC (K) – Documenting & Digging
Bleding Hart Pigins – STAN or: How I Learned to Stop Chasing Spiritual Unions and Find Sexy Singles Looking for EZ Love In My Area
John Blek – On Either & Air
Bobsled Team – The Colours Blur
Bobsleigh Bob – How To Measure a Coastline
The Kevin Brady Electric Quartet – Airborne
Neil Brogan – Magnolia Day
Manuel Burns – Colourful woman
Joshua Burnside Into The Depths Of Hell

Calibre Feeling – Normal
CATALAN! – Veritas
Centre/Left/Right Bikes & Bridges – Lead to Broken Bones
Champion Things Deep Within – The Slum Kitchen
Charlie Haughey Death Machine – Bam
Cloakroom – Q. Yes, Again
Christian Cohle – Holy Trouble
Seán Clancy – Inventions and Canons
Aidan Connolly – The Portland Bow
Comrade Hat – Old Gods, Vol. 1
Sammy Copley – Growing Pains
Sharon Corr – The Fool and The Scorpion
Cosha – Mt Pleasant
Cathal Coughlan – Song of Co-Aklan
The Crayon Set – Downer Disco
Brian Crosby – Imbirum
Adrian Crowley – The Watchful Eyes of the Stars
Cubs – River of Amber / Frozen Waterfall

Brian Deady – The Healing
DeepinTheWoods66 – Self Help Tapes vol.2
Owen Denvir – Sticks, Stones & Bones
Christy Dignam – The Man Who Stayed Alive
Eoin Dolan – Mirror Liver
Cat Dowling – Animals
Roger Doyle – Lights All Askew In The Heavens
Dreaming In Denial – I Felt a Funeral, In My Brain
The Dunning-Kruger Effect – The Dunning-Kruger Effect
Dutch Schultz – Friends Like Brutus
Dying Pharaohs – Heart Stops Or Regeneration?!

Electric Octopus – Inclinations
Elephant – Ice Cream
EMBRZ – Moments
Eomac – Cracks
Eve Williams – Scratch the Surface
Exhalers – Exhalers

Fears – Oiche
Fish Go Deep – The Bit of Earth
Mick Flannery & Susan O’ Neill – In The Game
Adam Fleming – Taken Seriously
Floor Staff – Attention
John Francis Flynn- I Would Not Live Always
For Those I Love – For Those I Love
Michael Fry – Viral Bangers and Internet Mash
Conor Furlong – Recurring Dream

Danny G & the Major 7ths – The Lookout
Orla Gartland – Women on the Internet
Gaze Is Ghost – Lapis Colbalt Indigo Blue
Henry Gee & The Geetones – Gee!
Ra Gerra – New Vessels
George Michael’s Ghost – Concrete Compound
God is an Astronaut – Ghost Tapes #10
Gorgeous Wrecks – Gentle Art of Persuasion
Bart Graft – Light and Space
Grim17 – I’m Counting to Three
Grouse – Interpolate

Geoff Hatt – Out of the Hatt Box
HAVVK – Levelling
Chris Haze – Streets In My Mind
Hermitage Green – Hi Generation
Hey Rusty – Anorak
Hidden Hand – Songs Without Choice
HOORS – Do Mountains Keep Growing? I Don’t Think We Know That Yet
Houseplants – Dry Goods
George Houston – Cold Toast
Emma Houton – The Bath

If White Genocide Was Real, I’d Hope They’d Start With You – PUBLIC CASTRATION SHOULD AT LEAST BE UP FOR DEBATE
Indistinct Chatter – My Mother’s Star
Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

Jealous of the Birds – Peninsula
Jehnova & Lod – Avenoir
Joanne Hogg – Avec Toi
Kyle John – Suckling Everyone
Jimbo Jones – The Heat Death of My Hometown

Kʒːlu – Kʒːlu
Jess Kav, Senita and Toshín – Ascension
David Keenan – What Then?
Maria Kelly – The Sum of the In-Between
Chris Kelly – More Ways Than One
Maria Doyle Kennedy – Fire On the Roof of Eden
Kid Karate – Hotel Roosevelt
David Kitt – Laser Days
Kojaque – Town’s Dead

Owen Lamont – Just Smile
Dani Larkin – Notes For A Maiden Warrior
Una Lee – Songs to Stay Awake to
Jinx Lennon – Liferafts for Latchicos
Lethal Dialect – Songs Of A Dead Dreamer
Lidl Museum of Ancient Contemporary Art Audio Tour – The Ecilptic Newsletter
Lighght – Holy Endings
Loah – When I Rise Up
David Long & Shane O’ Neill – Mol & Zeis
Lowlek – Unsubtle
John Lynch – City Stars
Aisling Lyons – Aistear

Elaine Mai – Home
Chris Madden – Dive Bar / Dead Town
Malakai – Chrysalis
Mantua – Mantua
Mano Le Tough – In the Moment
Maverick – Ethereality
Imelda May – 11 Past the Hour
Lorcan MacMathuna – An Bhuatais & The Meaning of Life
Andrew Simon McAllister – Memories
Michael McAuliffe – Tend Toward Infinity
Peter J. McCauley – Amnesty
Eleanor McEvoy – Gimme Some Wine
Paddy McGeown – The Good Step
Andrew McGibbon – Northern Gothic
Séamus McGuire with Steve Cooney – An Irish Viola / Vióla Gaelach
James Vincent McMorrow – Grapefruit Season
Bróna McVittie – The Man in the Mountain
Me Auld Flower – The Vaults of Consciousness, Vol 11: An Unholy Amount
Edel Meade – Brigids and Patricias
Meljoann – HR
MellowBeast – On The Tablets Of Fate
Moon Paw Print – The Importance of Flowers
Christy Moore – Flying into Mystery
Van Morrison – Latest Record Project Volume 1
Movement – Transformation
Moxie – The Dawn of Motion
Anna Murray – City Shadows
Mueseum – DONTNOD

Neomadic – After Dark
New Pagans – The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All
The Night Guild – Devil, Repent!
No Fun. Not Ever. – done
Nomadic Rituals – Tides
Kevin Nolan – Let’s All Get Nervous

Darragh O’Dea – Tilly And The Postmaster
Mary Louise and Teresea O’ Donnell – Heavenly harps, heavenly cloths: Contemporary music for the Irish Harp by Brian Boydell
Bryan O’Leary – Tranquility in Tureecahill
Declan O’ Rourke – Arrivals
Jack O’Rourke – Wild Place
Ronan O’Snodaigh – Ta Go Maith
Otherish – Otherish
Owsey Castaway – At The Crossroads Of Time

Hannah Peel – Fir Wave
Picture This – Life in Colour
Plaice – Maybe I’m A Maze
Planting – Coordinates
Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies – Euphoric Recall
Power of Dreams – Ausländer

Micheal Quinn – Colours
Gareth Quinn Redmond – Oscailte

REWS – Warrior
Rezo – Travalog
Ricky The Vandetta Suite – The Kempe Stone Portal
Malachy Robinson – The Irish Double Bass

Saint Sister – Where I Should End
Sal Dulu – Xompulse
Senu – Jetlag
Shadeemus – Atlantis
Laurie Shaw – Felted Fruit IV
Laurie Shaw – Into The Microcosm
Ben Blademan Simpson – BLADEman
Smallmint – where we all end up in the end
J Smith – And You Chose Not To Laugh
A. Smyth – Last Animals
Rejje Snow – Baw Baw Black Sheep
Soda Blonde – Small Talk
Somefinn – Tsk, Tsk…
Son Zept – B
SORBET – This Was Paradise
John Spillane – 100 Snow White Horses
The Mary Stokes Band – Comin’ Home
Stormzone – Ignite The Machine
Strange Boy – HOLY / UNHOLY
Strength NIA – Ulster Is Dance Master
Jay Suttin – Yodecahedron

Brendan Tallon – Love In These Times
Kaidi Tatham – An Insight To All Minds
TCXL – Sounds and Noises
Tebi Rex – It’s Gonna Be Okay
This Ship Argo – Always the Bees: Never the Honey
Conn Thornton- Destroyer
Train Room – Hurricane of Love
trash.man – Assorted Beat Tape #1
Three Underneath – Three Underneath
The Tralee People’s Bus – There Are Better Ways To Get To Blennerville (And Other Stories I’ve Heard Working As A Driver For Ireland’s Greatest Privately Owned Local Bus Service)
Tripp Mirror – Always Be Running III
Tripp Mirror – True Wind
Trouble Pilgrims – Blood, Glass & Gasoline
TRÚ – No Fixed Abode
Trucker Diablo – Tail End Of A Hurricane
t-woc – Pantangle

Villagers – Fever Dreams
VerseChorusVerse – what if we won

Gerr Walsh – Ghosts of Hope & Magic
Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard & Fast
We Are Aerials – Maps
WeKiN – Quieten the Noise
Andy White – Rarer
Whiteabbey – Volume One
WhiteRoomNightmare The Way Of All Things?
Jane Willow – Burn So Bright
Willow Springs Night-time Radio
Windings – Focus on the Past 5
Wyvern Lingo – Awake You Lie

The Yellowhead Project – Master The Monster
Kevin Young – Lonely Demon

The Zang! – The Zang!