2020 Album List

This is a comprehensive list of all eligible Irish albums released as of 30 June 2020. We accept that that there may well be omissions so please click here to let us know of any albums we have missed so that we can make the list as accurate and comprehensive as possible. The list will be updated again later in the year.

(Albums listed in alphabetical order by act)

A Northern Light – Kingdoms
ADT – volume one
Alice LA – Sleeps Not Real
Alpha Chrome Yayo – Skylight Sessions
All Folk’d Up – Draw Back the Curtain
Anakronos – The Red Book of Ossory
Arborist – A Northern View
archmotors – The Swimsuit Edition
Arvo Party – Devotions
Arvo Party – Devotions II
Arvo Party – Devotions III
Arvo Party – Inheritance
Arvo Party – Love Above All
Arvo Party – Passenger
August Wells – No More Operators
Autre Monde – The Imaginary Museum

Baleful Creed – The Lowdown
Jack Bashful – Molotov
Beach Comber (Rory Friers) – Parting Cuts
Bedlam Suitcase – The Fourth Wall
Eve Belle – Inbetween Moments
Beoga – Carousel
Bitch Falcon – Staring At Clocks
Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Stir
John Blek – The Embers
The Bonny Men – The Broken Pledge
Brass Phantoms – Holding Out For Horrors
Linda Buckley – From Ocean’s Floor
Joshua Burnside – Into The Depths Of Hell

Cada – Muloc
Calico Fox – Moonlight
Ev Carm – Awake
Carole Nelson Trio – Arboreal
Sharon Carty & Jonathan Ware  – Schubert’s Four Seasons: Lieder for Voice & Piano by Franz Schubert
CATALAN! (Ewen Friers) – Veritas
CFIT – CFIT vs. Gravity
Denise Chaila – Go Bravely
Joe Chester – Jupiter’s Wife
Citrus Fresh – Operating Machine
Clanna – Surprisingly Grounded
Cloud Chamber Experiments – Another Broken Day
Oliver Cole – Father, Brother, Son
Columbia Mills – CCTV
Ultan Conlon – There’s a Waltz
Andy Cooney with Phil Coulter & his Orchestra – Bright Brand New Day
The Coronas – True Love Waits
Gerard Costello – Exit Fiction
Crome Yellow – No Friends Or Mirrors
Crows in Rows – Crows in Rows
Crystalline Stricture – Nouveau Neon
Cursed Murphy, Lorcan Byrne – The Hands of Franky Machine
Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance – Cursed Murphy Versus the Resistance
Cup O’ Joe – In the Parting

Brian Deady – Yellow Creek
Deathbed Convert – Debris of Echoes
delush – The Journey to Zero
Aengus Devine – ADHD
Francy Devine – An Ownerless Corner Of Earth
Janet Devlin – Confessional
John Doyle – Path of Stones
Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers (feat Eamon Carr) – Songs from the Fever Ship
Dreamreading – Downlands
Daniel Duke – Good Love
Benjamin Dwyer – What is the Word

Eden – No Future
Elder Druid – Golgotha
Emperor of Ice Cream – No Sound Ever Dies
Ériu – Maidin Fhómhair
EVVOL – The Power

Paul Fahy – Almost Blue
Fields – The Silence of Staying In
Finnian – Under The Influence
First Class And Coach – The Truth About Honey
Eamonn Flynn – Black Coddle
Seamus Fogarty – A Bag Of Eyes
Fontaines DC – A Hero’s Death
For Those I Love – A World That Doesn’t Understand It, Unless You’re From It
Fox Jaw – Breathe In The Strange
Aoife Nessa Francis – Land of No Junction

Gaptoof – Looks Like Rain
Eileen Gogan – Under Moving Skies
Alex Gough – Forever Classic
Grim17 – The End Is Not For a While

Hail The Ghost – Arrhythmia
Paddy Hanna – The Hill
Joel Harkin – Never Happy
Robert Harvey -Feochán: The Gentle Breeze
Hazey Haze – Is Mise
Niall Horan – Heartbreak Weather
Hotboxed – Get Your Feelings Off My Floor
Hotboxed  – No Moritz, Don’t Die, You’re So Sexy
Hudson Taylor – Loving Everywhere I Go
HUTCH – Romance & Melodrama

Indian Queens – God is a Woman
Eileen Ivers – Scatter the Light

Padraig Jack – Making Sand
Jacknife Lee – Jacknife Lee
Jealous of the Birds – Peninsula
Jiggy – Hypernova
Junk Drawer – Ready For The House
Jyellowl  – 2020 D|vision

Úna Keane – Collaborations
David Keenan – A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery
Kean Kavanagh – Dog Person
Ronan Keating – Twenty Twenty
Éilís Kennedy – So Ends This Day
Kern – The Left & The Leaving
Kodaline – One Day At A Time

Emma Langford – Sowing Acorns
Lethal Dialect – LD50 Part 3
Liffey Light Orchestra – LEKEILA
Lilcatcheetah – Porcelain Doll
Lisa Lambe – Juniper
Ciaran Lavery – Plz Stay, bb
The Line – Matter
Linley Hamilton Quintet – For The Record
Vyvienne Long – A Lifetime of High Fives
The Lost Brothers – After The Fire After The Rain

Kyle Macaulay and Nicole Ni Dhubhshlaine – Barra Taoide
Emily Magner Hurley – Airs & Graces
Malojian – Humm
Myles Manley – Cometh the Softies
John Marshall – Reflections
Martkel – Heaven is Full
Susan McCann The Older I Get
Benny McCarthy – Press and Draw
Matt McGinn – Lessons of War
Mike McGoldrick, John McCusker and John Doyle -The Reed That Bends in The Storm
Ciaran McLoughlin – Close to the Arms of the Sun
Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes – The Rest
Kevin Meehan – Spanish Point
Deirdre Millane -Idir Dubh agus Bán
Ryan Molloy – Pianophony
The Moon Chores – Lorem Ipsum
Moon Paw Print – Dreams of Ü
Darragh Morgan & John Tilbury – Morton Feldman’s for John Cage
Gavin Murphy Songs – 45 RPM (Replay Past Memories)
Róisín Murphy – Róisín Machine

Nealo – All the Leaves Are Falling
Nuadan – Dén Díobháil

Cormac O’Caoimh – Swim Crawl Walk Run
The Ocelots – Started to Wonder
Caoimhin O’Fearghail – Uilleann Piping from County Waterford
One Morning In August – One Morning In August
Ordnance Survey – Ampere
Joe O’Sullivan – Instead of Many Shades of Blue
Our Krypton Son – Modern Ruins
Outsider – Karma Of Youth

Luan Parle – Never Say Goodbye
Pillow Queens – In Waiting
Plaice – Losses
Planting – Coordinates
Postcard Versions – Remote Viewing
Brigid Mae Power – Head Above The Water
The Presleys – Embrace

Ailbe Reddy – Personal History
ReDiviDeR – Mere Nation
Niamh Regan – Hemet
Ben Reel – The Nashville Calling
The Remedy Club – True Hand True Heart
R.S.A.G – Chroma

Fergal Scahill & Ryan Molloy – One Day :: November Woods
The Scratch – Couldn’t Give A Rats
Season of Spiders – Living In Make Believe
John Sheahan – Flirting Fiddles
Maria Shiel – Fire in the Sea!
Shrug Life – Maybe You’re the Punchline
Silverbacks – Fad
Sirkut Son – Photo Sensitive
The Skallions – Skallion Battalion
Skelocrats – Boy Bitten by a Lizard
Social Interaction – CH I: EARTH
Leah Sohotra – Breaded Crickets
Solkatt – Nocturne
Sons Of Southern Ulster – Sinners And Lost Souls
Soundsliketrouble  – Seperation2020
St. Alban – St. Alban
St Francis Hotel – We Fall Together
Amanda ST John – The Muscle Shoals Sessions
Stuart Leathem & Esther Trousdale – Experiments in Energy
Swimmers Jackson – Murmuration

Tandem Felix  – Tapley Sings​.​.​. The Hits! And Other Favourites
TenPastSeven – Long Live the Bogwalrus
This Ship Argo – Kintsugi
Tootawl – Tootawl
Tripp Mirror – Always Be Running II

Varo – Varo
Vernon Jane – The Ritual of Love Making
Virtual Trio – Six
Vivid Dreamer – Vivid Dreamer
Peter Vogelaar – Inner Creatures

John Walsh – Irlandalucía
We March – Fight or Flight
WOB! – Nostos
Marcus Wood – Self-Portrait
Hilary Woods – Birthmarks

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