2019 Album List

This is a comprehensive list of all eligible Irish albums released in 2019. We accept that that there may well be omissions so please drop us an email (list@choicemusicprize.ie) to let us know of any albums we have missed so that we can make the list as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

(Albums listed in alphabetical order by act)

A Lazarus Soul – The D They Put Between R & L
Jamie Adam – Melodic Electronic
Alarmist – Sequesterer
All Tvvins – Just To Exist
Ama – I Once Was
Art of Algebra – Art of Algebra
Ian Ashford – Symbols
Autumns – Shortly After Nothing
Awesimon – Antinode

Leonard Barry, Declan Folan and Shane McGowan – Hurry the Jug
Bobby Basil – Isaac Nelson
Bats – After Nature
Beauty Sleep – Be Kind
Wallis Bird – Woman
Black Bank Folk – Last Star Fall
John Blek – Thistle & Thorn
The Blizzards – The Last Great Algorithm
The Blue Light Smugglers – Record
The Blue Moon – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out
Boa Morte – Before There Was Air
Bob Bound – I’m Bound
Bouts – Flow
Dinah Brand – Thank You Driver
Brave Giant – White, Pink & Blue
Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra – Timeless
Danny Burns – North Country

Caleb & Walshy – Terminal 27
M. Cambridge – Sea Songs: Anatomy Of A Drowning Man
Careerist – Weird Hill
Rosie Carney – Bare
Casavettes – Senselessness
Dave Clarke – Listen For The Signals
Kevin Herm Connolly – Make It Up
Constant Supply – Isn’t Life Great
The Cranberries – In The End
Cry Monster Cry – Tides
Ruth Anne Cunningham – Matters of the Heart

Louise Dacosta – Vim Vitae
Daithi – L.O.S.S
The Darkling Air – Ancestor
Deaf Joe – Love Stories
Dendo – Blackberry
Department of Forever – Unseen Pictures
Dervish – The Great Irish Songbook
Jonny Dillon – Songs For One-String Guitar
The Divine Comedy – Office Politics
Liam Doe – OVRSLPT
Eoin Dolan – Commander of Sapiens

Eric Eckhart – Luminous
Empire Circus – Ti
Eue(Elle) – Dark Chromatic
The Expert – Excursions

Fangclub – Vulture Culture
Andre Fazaz – Cozy Szn
Felted Fruit & Laurie Shaw – Felted Fruit & Laurie Shaw Present…”Alright”
Ficino Ensemble – Winter
Gabby Fitzgerald – Elizabeth née Ellis
Fixity – No Man Can Tell
Mick Flannery – Mick Flannery
Fontaines DC – Dogrel
Foolish Mortal – Foolish Mortal
The Fully Automatic Model – Modulated Landscapes Vol. 1
Ronan Furlong – Diotima’s Ascent

Gilbert, or the Unfathomable Loneliness of the Deep Space Prospector – West of Space
Girl Band – The Talkies
Glimmermen – Here I Stand
The Gloaming – The Gloaming 3
Gráinne & Brendan – Songs from Ireland
Great White Lies – Chrysalis
Gross Net – Gross Net Means Gross Net
Gypsies On The Autobahn – Suspended

Drew Hamill – Sonic Resistance
Glen Hansard – This Wild Willing
HAVVK – Cause & Effect
Martin Hayes And Brooklyn Rider – The Butterfly
Hedfuzy – Waves
Honor Heffernan & Trevor Knight – The Whistling Girl
Hidden Stills – Hidden Stills
Noel Holmes – Immersion
Hozier – Wasteland, Baby!
Gráinne Hunt – This Secret

In Their Thousands – Acrasia
Inni-K – The Hare And The Line

Jafaris – Stride
Jape – Sentinel
Jogging – Whole Heart
Join Me In The Pines – Menomania
Evans Junior – Organised Mess
Junior Brother – Pull The Right Rope

Kaé – Just Another Love Letter
Lar Kaye – 2018
Brendan Kelly – Our Crusade
Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear
Keywest – Ordinary Superhero
Kitt Phillipa – Human

Lankum – The Livelong Day
Larry – Larry
The Last Sound – Outer Raidio 2
The Late David Turpin – Romances
The Lee Harveys – Resistance Is Not Terrorism
Lighght – Gore-Tex In The Club, Balenciaga Amongst The Shrubs
Little Hours – Now The Lights Have Changed
David Long – In Headphones
The Lost Messiahs – Deconstruction of the Mind
Luthorist — Hueco Mundo
Steve Lynch – A Kind of remembering

Colm Mac Con Iomaire – The River Holds It’s Breath
Carlo Magliocco – Calendar
The Man Whom – The Dancer from the Dance
M’Anam – M’Anam
Mango X Mathman – Casual Work
Maverick Sabre – When I Wake Up
Barry McCormack – Mean Time
Carmel McCreagh – 13 Stories
Ed McGinley – Tangled Roots & Twisted Tales
John McGlynn – Fragments
Eugene McGrath – Waiting for Morning
Jim McHugh Music – My Nuclear Radio
Flo McSweeney – Picture in a Frame
Anna Mieke – Idle Mind
Mongoose – Suck the Wound
Mount Alaska – Wave Atlas: Season One
Laura Mulcahy – Laura Mulcahy’s Easy Listening Dirges For The Partially Hinged
Paddy Mulcahy – How To Disappear
The Murder Capital – When I Have Fears
MuRli – The Intangibles
My Woolly Hat – Tilting at Windmills

Ellis Nayr – Purple Detox
Cormac Neeson – White Feather
No Crows – Escape

Adrian O’Connel – Hotel Europa
The O’Malleys – Can You Hear Me
Ken O’Duffy – The Last Night At The Gentleman’s Club
Old Hannah – Borealis
Sean O’Hagan – Radum Calls, Radum Calls
Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett – Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh & Thomas Bartlett
Ordnance Survey – Relative Phase
Clare O’Riordan – Outside
Jack O’Rourke – Ivory Towers

The Pale – Merciful Hour
The Pelms – HBO Comedy Special
Picture This – Mdrn Lv
Post Punk Podge – Transmissions from the GPO Vol. 1

The Receipts – The Receipts
Fionn Regan – Cala
Regret Will Come – Regret Will Come
Sorcha Richardson – First Prize Bravery
Daniel Rorke – Naked Allies
The Rude Dudez – ‘Cause I’m Rude
Runah – Strange
Sara Ryan – Breathe
Anne Rynne – OH LIFE!

Sans Chateaux – Ephemeral Heights
The Scratch – The Whole Buzz
The Script – Sunsets & Full Moons
Bill Shanley – Midnight Mission
Laurie Shaw – Felted Fruit III
Laurie Shaw – Helvetica
Laurie Shaw – Scared Of Dogs
Collette Sheerin – Watershed Hours
Shookrah – Shookrah
The Silken Same – The Silken Same
Sim Simma Soundsystem – Pass the Aux Cord
Slow Riot – G.A.D
Pat Dam Smyth – The Last King
So Cow – Do Re Mi Fa So Cow
Soak – Grim Town
Maija Sofia – Bath Time
Maria Somerville – All My People
Son of The Hound – Cheers, Sound, Good Luck
The Southern Fold – Bible Fear
Space Dimension Controller – Redemption of the Cryonauts
Space Dimension Controller – Love Beyond The Intersect
Squarehead – High Time
Amanda St. John – The Muscle Shoals Sessions
Strangers With Guns – Degenerate Art
Swimming Tapes – Morningside

Talos – Far Out Dust
Tandem Felix – Rom-Com
TAU – TAU and The Drones of Praise
Tebi Rex – The Young Will Eat The Old
Telephone Explosions – Telephone Explosions
Tobi A – Aria
Tomorrows – The Night Chorus 1
Kat Turner – Like A Lion
Two Door Cinema Club – False Alarm

Ryan Vail & Elma Orchestra – Borders
Foy Vance – To Memphis
Video Blue – Night Painting

Walking On Cars – Colours
Conor Walsh – The Lucid
Jennifer Walshe – All The Many People
Westlife – Spectrum
Whenyoung – Reasons To Dream
Andy White – Time is a Buffalo in the Art of War
Sam Wickens – All I’ve Seen
Woodheart – The Last Astronaut

Ye Vagabonds – The Hare’s Lament
Yelling Bones – Outside

Zaska – It Takes A Village

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