2018 Album List

Below is a list of what we hope is every eligible Irish album released to date in 2018. If you notice that an album is missing please let us know by emailing rob@choicemusicprize.ie.

Above And Below The Tide – Deeper Blue
The Academic – Tales From The Backseat
All the Luck in the World – A Blind Arcade
Altan – The Gap Of Dreams
Paul Alwright – Hungry
An Galar Dub – Too Many Wrongs Make A Riot
Anna’s Anchor – Everybody’s Welcome
Robert John Ardiff – Between the Bed and Room
Eimear Arkins – What’s Next?
Arvo Party – II
Ash – Islands

Badhands – Predictable Boy
Noel Bermingham – When The Tide Is Out
Bigman Davey – The Empire
Blue Whale – Process
Blusher – Tren Rezno
Bodies – Drench
Zack Boone – Escapade
Brand New Friend – Seatbelts For Aeroplanes

Caitlin & Ciaran – The High Seas
Yvonne Casey – Croí
Celtachor – Fiannaíocht
Chirpy – Chirpy
David Clune – Imperfect Pop
Billy Clifford & Gerry Harrington – Now She’s Purring
Cloud Castle Lake – Malingerer
Sophie Coyle: Blame Me For The Storm
J. Colleran – Gardenia
Ultan Conlon – Last Days Of The Night Owl
The Compositions of Paddy O’ Brien – Eileen O’ Brien
Kevin Crawford, Dylan Foley & Patrick Doocey -The Drunken Gaugers
The Crawling – Wolves and the Hideous White
Cruachan – Nine Years Of Blood
Cubs – Darkr Earlyr

Dark Matter – The Sovereign Night
Deadbots – Love Unlimited
Brian Deady – Black Diamond
Deaf Joe – Stuck
Tom Delaney & Caroline Keane – Never Say Goodbye, Say Hello
Delorentos – True Surrender
Desert Aces – Sand and Gravel
Die Hexen – Garden of Unearthly Delights
Dott – Heart Swell

Eden – Vertigo
Eimear – Scars
Elephant: 88
Elma Orkestra – Flutter: Part One
Engine Alley – Showroom
ErisianLib – The Atomic Nursery
ErisianLib – Crimes Against Music (and Art)

Florence Fahy – Music From The Flaggy Shore
Tommy Fitzharris & Dónal McCague – The Bank of Turf
Five Grand Stereo – Sex And Money
The Friel Sisters – Before The Sun
From The Bogs of Aughiska – Mineral-Bearing Veins
Dylan Foley – Deleriously Happy
Declan Folan – All In Good Time
Finbar Furey – Don’t Stop This Now
The Frantics – River’s End

Gadget and the Cloud – Songs for Sad People to Dance To
Garadice – Garadice
Bobby Gardiner – Melodeon Mad
Gavin Glass – Opus Pocus
Girls Names – Stains On Silence
Eoin Glackin – Fires of Innocence
Glass Wings – Everything And Nothing
Daithí Gormley – Fiddling Without A Bow
Adam Grant – My World
Tommy Guihen – The Torn Jacket
Lauren Guillery – Disaster In La La Land
Dan Gurney with John Blake – Ignorance is Bliss

Terry Hackett – Kookoo City
Ethan Hanna – Welcome To The Batlands
Paddy Hanna – Frankly, I Mutate
Glen Hansard – Between Two Shores
Cathal Hayden, Stephen Hayden and Niall Murphy – Bow Brothers
Martin Hayes Quartet -The Blue Room
Hedge Schools – Magnificent Birds
Heroes in Hiding – Actor
David Hopkins – Overlook
Hostess – A Simple Life
The Hot Sprockets – Dream Mover
Hotel On Mars – The Government Took The Rest
Brian Hughes – This Day, 20 Years Ago

Gavin James – Only Ticket Home
Jar Jar Jr. – Fallen Angel
Shane Joyce – The Sadness of King Joyce
Just Mustard – Wednesday

KARMS – Satelites
Caroline Keane & Tom Delany -Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck
Imelda Kehoe – How to be Human
Tommy Keyes – Temptation Once Again
Keywest – True North
Katie Kim featuring Crash Ensemble – Salt Interventions
David Kitt – Yous
Kodaline – Politics Of Living
Kojaque – Deli Daydreams

Lamont/Bailey/Wall – Boom!
Landless – Bleaching Bones
Ciaran Lavery – Sweet Decay
Le Galaxie – Pleasure
Jinx Lennon – Grow A Pair!!!
The Lost Brothers – Halfway Towards A Healing
Liffey Light Orchestra – Le French Album
Little Oak: Breaking Light
Lock Horns – Molon Labe
Low Fis – Songs of Attack
Lucky Bones – Matchstick Men
Steve Lynch – Tides

Antoín Mac Gabhann & Caitlín Nic Gabhann – Tobar Bhríde
Tony MacMahon – Farewell To Music
Páraic Mac Donnchadha – Thar Am
Seán Mac Erlaine – Music for Empty Ears
Andrew MacNamara, Karen Ryan, Pete Quinn – From Camden To Tulla
The Mad Dalton – Open Season
Malthusian – Across Deaths
Mankyy – The Lonesome Planet Man
Josephine Marsh – Music In The Frame
Conor Mason – On The Surface
Paul McCann: Here Comes The Rapture
Matt McGinn – The End Of The Common Man
Catherine McGrath – Talk Of This Town
Therese McInerney – Down The Strand
Fergus McGorman – Sweeping The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky
Seámus McGuire & John Lee – The Legacy of Stephen Grier
Sarah McQuaid – If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous
Martin Meehan – The Fox’s Lament
Anna Mitchell – Anna Mitchell
Molarbear – Storklord
Van Morrison – The Prophet Speak
Shane Mulchrone – Solid Ground
Dáire Mulhern – Boxman

Naive Ted – Magazines
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh – Foxglove and Fuschia
Bernadette Nic Gabhann with Eileen Gannon – Here To Play

O Emperor – Jason
Liam O’ Brien – The Lane
Tony O’ Connell – Live and well
Cathal Ó Curráin, Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh – The High Seas
Mike O’ Donovan – No Time Like The Present
Con Ó Drisceoil – Hunting The Hair And Other Pursuits
Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn – Reggish Paddy
Theresa O’ Grady – BANJO’ista
Ciara O’ Neill – Arrow
Lisa O’ Neill – Heard A Long Gone Song
Megan O’Neill – Ghost of You
Marc O’ Reilly – L’etre Politique
Brian O’ Rourke – A Loaf In The Post
Gilbert O’ Sullivan – Gilbert O’ Sullivan
Jerry O’ Suillivan – An Fheadóg Mhor Chill Lasrach
Order of the Mess – To Rock, Life, Love

Penrose – First Impressions
Brigid Mae Power – The Two Worlds
Sean & Conor Price – Dreamer
Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins
Proper Micro NV – Dormant Boy
Pursued By Dogs – Pursued By Dogs

The Redneck Manifesto – The How
Ben Reel – Land Of Escape
The Rising – Moving On
Robocobra Quartet – Plays Hard to Get
Derek Ryan – Ten

Saint Sister – Shape Of Silence
Seán Ryan & P.J. Maloney – Traditional Music of Ireland
Seamus Sands – A Deep Pool
Enda Seetu – Raining Notes
Senzar – Senzar
The Shandrum Céilí Band – The Dawn
Laurie Shaw – Real Life On Celluloid
Laurie Shaw – Weird Weekends
Laurie Shaw – Year Zero
Sixth Extinction – X And Why?
Slow Moving Clouds – Starfall
Slow Skies – Realign
Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie
Snow Patrol – Wildness
Spies – Constancy
Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock – Lockout
Stoat – Try Not To Think About it
Strand – Can’t Trust The Rain
Subplots – A Silent Phase

Talking Waves – Americano Blues
Tayne – Breathe
Therapy? – Cleave
These Are Atoms – Gorilla Martian
Niall Thomas – Night Sky Blue
Larissa Tormey – Cowgirls Don’t Cry
Track Dogs – Kansas City Out Groove
Trick Mist – Both Ends
Tupelo – The Heart’s Bloodline

Unkindness Of Ravens – Beautiful Tragedies

Ryan Vail – Distorted Shadows
VerseChorusVerse – Outro
Vickers Vimy – Atlas Of Hearts
Villagers – The Art Of Pretending To Swim

Steo Wall – Where I’m From
Warsaw Radio – Midnight Broadcast
We Banjo Three: Haven
We Come In Pieces – Stop The Rot
We Cut Corners – Imposters
The Whileaways – From What We’re Made
Andy White – The Guilty & The Innocent
The Wood Burning Savages: Stability
Hilary Woods – Colt
Woven Skull – Woven Skull
Wyvern Lingo – Wyvern Lingo

Yawning Chasm – Songs From Blue House

Zealot Cult – Spiritual Sickness
Zombie Picnic – Rise of a New Ideology

The 202’s – From When The Future Was Yet To Hurt Us

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