Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my recording for consideration for The RTÉ Choice Music Prize ?

RTE Choice Music Prize have partnered with Yangaroo to enable eligible artists to submit their eligible Album directly to the Judging Panel.

In order to do this sign up here as an artist or label AND send a blank email (from the email address that you registered with) to with RTE CHOICE MUSIC PRIZE SUBMISSION in the subject line.
Within 24 hours you will receive an email from Yangaroo with a link to complete your registration and a separate mail with instructions on how to use the service.

You do not have to submit an album using Yangaroo to be considered for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Album of the Year but doing so will mean that the judges have an easy way to find and listen to your album.

Are only albums listed on the Irish Albums list on the RTÉ Choice Music Prize site only eligible for consideration?

Not at all. This list is a non definitive list of Irish albums released in any given year. The list is published in order to catalogue the year in Irish music and to highlight the enormous amount of music being produced by Irish artists annually across every musical genre. We encourage amendments and additions to this list so please click on the contact page and get in touch in order to add to or amend this list.

Can I still send you my record?

No. We’d prefer if artists didn’t have to incur any costs when getting their albums to us, so we’ve teamed up with Yangaroo so you can submit online.

How is the judging panel selected?

The RTÉ Choice Music Prize judging panel is comprised of journalists, broadcasters, programmers, bloggers and other experts in the field of critically appraising and reviewing Irish Music. The panelists are selected each year by The RTÉ Choice Music Prize Director and the Chairperson of the RTÉ Choice Music Prize judging panel.

Do you have a list of contacts for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize panel members?

No, we do not. Panel members and their affiliations are listed on our site. Feel free to direct any enquiries to their respective media outlets. Any influence on their selections should come from the music itself. The best approach is to simply ensure that panel members get a copy of your album and leave it at that.

How are the nominees decided? What is the criteria?

The RTÉ Choice Music Prize shortlist is voted on by the panel based on their own tastes and determinations. They pick their selections based on what their individual criteria for best album is. There are no quotas, sales caps or any other limitations. It’s simply just about the music. The announcements/publications by The RTÉ Choice Music Prize of the list of artists which have been judged to make The RTÉ Choice Music Prize Shortlist and then of The RTÉ Choice Music Prize Winner are final and no communications will be entered into which contest the validity of these.

RTÉ Choice Music Prize – Irish Song of the Year 2018

A shortlist of 10 nominated songs for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year 2018 will be compiled by combining selected songs from the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Judging Panel, RTÉ 2FM and the Irish Airplay charts (compiled by Radio Monitor). A public vote will decide the winner online. The nominated song that receives the most votes will be the winner. The winning song will be announced at the RTÉ Choice Music Prize event at Vicar Street in March and presented with the award for RTÉ Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year 2018.
The judging panel consists of 11 media professionals, representing Irish print, radio TV, online and other assembled music professionals.

How is the winning album selected?

The twelve person judging panel meets on the night of the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Live Event to discuss and dissect the various Choice nominated albums. The performance of the nominees at the live event has no bearing on the winner of the RTÉ Choice Music Prize.

I have other questions that need asking:

Please direct them to who’ll endeavour to answer all relevant queries.

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