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The RTÉ Choice Music Prize is an organisation established to encourage, highlight, showcase and promote Irish music of excellence.

The ethos behind the prize is to stimulate debate and interest in Irish artists and in Irish Music and to increase public awareness of music from Ireland annually.

The RTÉ Choice Music Prize aims to promote and showcase the health and growth of the local industry both within Ireland and overseas.

The project was established in 2005 to highlight those albums which deserve some extra time in the spotlight and, ultimately, to select the album which best sums up the year in Irish music. The focus and spotlight is ultimately on the ten annual short-listed artists and their respective albums.

Each year, a panel of music media professionals from Irish print, radio, TV, and online select the RTÉ Choice Music Prize shortlist. This consists of 10 albums released by Irish acts for the very first time in any given calendar year.

Instead of using sales or airplay as criteria, the RTÉ Choice Music Prize judges focus, simply and solely, on the music.

The RTÉ Choice Music Prize shortlist is announced in January each year, with the judges meeting in March to select the winning act at the RTÉ Choice Music Prize live event.

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